FitzPatrick Family Owned and Operated

Our tree company started over 40 years ago with a husband and wife's vision. The two person team operated the phones, tree estimates, managed the crew and slowly grew into the large company they are today. Proud of their endeavors in the tree service industry they exposed their children to their passion; many of the children chose to follow the same path as their parents.

Northeast Tree provides top quality Tree Services including: Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Tree Pruning, Stump Grinding, Spring Tree Spraying, Tree Fertilizing, Fall Tree Spraying, Firewood Delivery and 24 hour Emergency Tree Jobs.

Northeast Tree offers tree removal all year long.

Our FitzPatrick Crew

Jim & Barbara FitzPatrick

Owners & Operators: Jim and Barbara FitzPatrick established Northeast Tree in 1975- over 42 years ago, working side by side.

Jim FitzPatrick, Jr.

Crane Operator: Jim FitzPatrick Jr. operates the large tree equipment and manages the tree crews during the scheduled tree work.

Pamela FitzPatrick

Sales & Crew Manager: Pamela FitzPatrick provides detailed tree estimates to our clients and organizes the tree crews for their days tasks.

Eddie FitzPatrick

Crew Leader: Eddie FitzPatrick operates the tree grapple chipper and manages the tree ground crew during the tree work.

Lori FitzPatrick Addor

Office Coordinator: Lori FitzPatrick Addor coordinates the office tasks with the Crew Managers to ensure our customers are satisfied.

Jesse FitzPatrick

Crane Operator: Jesse FitzPatrick operates large tree equipment and manages the tree crew on the tree job.

Emergency Tree Services

In the event of a tree emergency, we offer 24-hour service. Our crew is ready in a minutes’ notice - providing safe weather conditions.

Our Crew at Work

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